Perfume based on lizard pheromones in handblown perfume bottle, perfume, glass, metal, cloth, 5 ⅜" x 20 ½" x 3 ⅜", 2018

Sceloporus lizards (also known as Western Fence lizards, or blue-bellies) communicate with one another across time and space using pheromones secreted from their thighs, along with physical gestures.

Sceloporus is a surprisingly fresh, yet animalic perfume based on lizard scent compounds that blends with the wearer’s own skin chemistry to create a soft, sheer, more-than-human presence. The primary scent notes, in keeping with scientific research, include pyrizines, also found in wine, citrus, coffee, and chocolate, as well as jasmonates, found in flowers. Participants are invited to sample the perfume while tasting related scent compounds in white wine and grapefruit, coffee, and jasmine flavored chocolates.

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