Fragrance Notes
Ceramic, scents, audio components, Magic-eye stereogram, dimensions variable, 2020

Video: Composer Juliet Palmer discusses the creation of Fragrance Notes

Ceramic cones emitted the lizard perfume on a sound activated wall while five vocalists responded to the perfume’s fragrance notes—top, middle, and base notes.

Surprisingly, Sceloporus lizard's primary scent compounds include floral jasmonates and pyrizines, which give white wine it's distinctive grassy notes, and are found in found in citrus, coffee, and chocolate.

A ceramic platter held jasmine, coffee, and grapefruit flavored chocolate truffles, while a chalice (not pictured) held sauvignon-blanc used for public dance performances and scent sampling and scent tasting events. The sensory components merged to create a scent/sound/taste/space and time synesthesia where scent is heard, sound is tasted, and movement is smelled.
Composer Juliet Palmer, vocalists: Olivia Shortt, Andrea Kuzmich, Michelangleo Iaffaldano, Jackson Welchner, Tova Kardonne.