Becoming Colorful Becoming Warm

Gridspace gallery in Brooklyn was turned into a mid-winter vivarium for a free-ranging panther chameleon, which responded to art works alongside humans.

Standing Out Blending In - "When to show and when not to show? What is the power of display versus the power of blending in? …Put a chameleon in New York and surround it with the stuff of a human world, an urban ecosystem, reflecting human processes and aesthetic choices. What are the options? How does it know what to display? What is danger or safety in this radical context? How is the biosemiotic system of the lizard disrupted by such contextual shifts and alien encounters? And after all the color shifts, which one is the real chameleon?" - Phil Scher
In collaboration with anthropologist Phil Scher, philosopher Ted Toadvine, and biologist Peter Wetherwax.