Creatures: When Species Meet

I am honored to be included in the exhibition Creatures: When Species Meet, curated by Steven Majticio, at the Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati.

The exhibition brings together an international coterie of artists that enlist untamed, “wild” others as partners in the production of art. Exhibiting artists include Komar & Melamid , Shimabuku…

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Sadakichi Award FInalist

Pleased to announce that my multispecies project, “Every Word Was Once an Animal,” has been shortlisted for the Sadakichi Award for Experimental Work with Scent by the Institute of Art and Olfaction, Los Angeles. Judged by an international pool of curators, designers, theorists and artists, the project is one of five finalists for the award.

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Portland 2016 Biennial exhibition

Michelle Grabner, co-curator of the 2014 Whitney Biennial, reviewed over 400 artist submissions and conducted more than 100 studio visits across the state—perhaps the most extensive outreach to Oregon contemporary artists to date—prior to finalizing her choices.

“From La Grande to Ashland, I was looking for work that addressed global realities as much as it embraced radical regionalism. By listening attentively to the language that frames artists’ imaginations while witnessing the space of making

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