S.C.O.L.D.: The DEP is Killing US

Video, 1:19, 2016

S.C.O.L.D. intervention at a Portland Harbor Superfund site where agent orange was produced.

S.C.O.L.D. partners with crows to give animals a voice in climate-change debate by targeting climate-change deniers for scoldings by crows. Research shows crows never forget a face, and network to share opinions about people. After even a single bad experience, crows will pick dangerous humans out from a crowd, deriding and following them for up to a mile. S.C.O.L.D. enlists artists and citizens to make enemies among crows by appearing at crow gatherings wearing masks of climate-change deniers while holding taxidermied crows, or crow effigies. Crows will share their negative opinions among crows, while pop-up guerilla interventions and media spread the word among humans.

The first S.C.O.L.D. target was Donald Trump, with actions held at crow gatherings around Portland throughout the summer and fall, and an intervention workshop held at c3: intitative on September 10, 2016, followed by a pop-up public intervention at a Portland Harbor Superfund site..

Videos and intervention updates the S.C.O.L.D. project website.
S.C.O.L.D. is a collaboration with Peter Wetherwax, Biology, UO.